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If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Essex please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Montrose Trees.


Stump grinding with our Tree Surgeon in Essex

 Tree Felling

There are many reasons that trees are felled, they may be dead, diseased or dying. They may be too large or unsuitable for their location, or they may be causing damage or danger to surrounding properties. Whatever the reason for removing a tree, it is essential that the works be carried out by a qualified, experienced and insured tree surgeon with a fully qualified and equipped ground crew.

We are specialists in rigging, which refers to the dismantling or reductions of trees with ropes, pulleys and lowering devices. Even in its simplest forms, it can be a complex, time-consuming and hazardous task. However our staff have a wealth of experience in these types of operations, so you can have complete confidence when we work on your property.

Our stump grinding team will insure no re-growth from problematic trees or shrubs on your property. We offer both domestic stump grinding and commercial services for large scale site work.

If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Essex and would like to find out more about tree felling, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Montrose Trees.

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Tree Reductions

We are skilled in reducing the height and/or spread of the crown (the foliage bearing portions) of a tree. Crown reduction is primarily performed to make a tree more suited to its immediate environment, or to reduce the effects of shading and light loss, etc. We will retain the main framework of the crown, and also a significant proportion of the leaf bearing structure.

Crown reduction should not be confused with ‘topping', an indiscriminate and harmful treatment that will cost you more money in the long term. You can rely on us to reduce the size of your tree with the utmost regard to its health.

Common reasons for crown thinning are to allow more light to pass through the tree, reduce wind resistance, reduce weight. It involves the removal of a portion of smaller branches, usually at the outer crown, to produce a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch structure. It is usually confined to broad-leaved species.

Crown thinning does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree. Crown thinning is rarely a once only operation, particularly on species that are known to produce large amounts of epicormic growth such as Lime Trees.

We can also undertake pollarding, which is the initial removal of the top of a young tree at a prescribed height to encourage multi-stem branching from that point, traditionally for fodder, firewood or poles. Once started, it should be repeated on a cyclical basis always retaining the initial pollard point.

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Tree Reductions and pruning with our Tree Surgeon in Essex



Tree planting in Essex

Tree Planting

At Montrose Trees, we really enjoy working on planting schemes and projects with our clients. We are glad to offer free advice on which species would have the greatest chances of establishing themselves in any particular location. Whether the scheme is for trees or hedging, we have the experience to advise and perform all forms of planting.

We can include the installation of stakes and ties, anchorage systems, watering tubes, irrigation systems and mulching to provide vital nutrients following planting. Wind breaks and tree guards can also be installed to provide maximum protection. There are a huge variety of trees available and we are happy to supply them, but there are a number of factors you should think about.


You will need to consider:

  • Whether to plant bare-root, root-balled or containerised trees.
  • Your aesthetic aims, especially seasonal considerations.
  • Practicality – checking for underground services, such as drains and cable lines.
  • The ultimate height and spread of the tree in its maturity.
  • After care and how much maintenance you will have time for.

All these factors are key in planning any planting scheme, and at Montrose Trees, our experts help our clients build towards the most rewarding results.

If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Essex and would like to find out more about tree planting, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Montrose Trees.

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Is your tree protected? Or do you live in a conservation area? If so you'll need to apply to your local council to have any work done to your trees and possibly smaller vegetation too. There are stiff penalties for failing to inform the correct authorities and acquiring legal consent in advance. We are here to help and will complete all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf, making sure you don't fall foul of any legislation relating to your trees.

Using Montrose Trees means you can be confident that your work is being performed correctly, with no risk of legal difficulties and without the stress of dealing with the planning paperwork yourself.

Arboricultural Reports and Surveys   

There are various forms of reports and surveys and before selecting which you require, it is worth considering the following:

  • Why do I need a survey or report?
  • Who is asking for it?
  • How detailed does it need to be?
  • How many trees/how large is my site?

Depending on the answers to these questions, we can advise on precisely which level of report is most suited to your requirements, saving you expense by not recommending services and surveys you don't need.


VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) 

This is the most common form of report, usually requested by insurance companies or in disputes between neighbours. This type of assessment involves one of our senior arborists visiting the site, inspecting the tree and immediately surrounding environmental factors. The inspection is performed from ground level and a written report, detailing general observations and recommendations will be provided in PDF format.


Climbed Aerial Inspections (CAI's) 

These are very similar in nature to the VTA described above; the difference of course being that our senior arborist will access the crown of the tree in order to undertake a more thorough inspection. A report, including photographs for references, along with general observations and recommendations is provided in PDF format.


BS: 5837 Surveys 

These are far more in depth surveys, most commonly required for construction purposes; they are often a condition of planning when building works are proposed near trees which are protected or belong to a third party. These surveys include a much greater depth of information, measurements, site maps and plans and more stringent recommendations and advice on control measures that should be implemented in the construction process.


Management Plans 

As the legality of tree risk management gradually becomes tighter, more and more organisations and institutions are becoming acutely aware of their responsibilities to their staff and the general public in terms of planning against the hazards naturally posed by trees.

Many insurance companies now advise such organisations to have 5 year tree management plans in place. At Montrose Trees, we are ideally qualified to provide these plans, which include a full inventory and plan of the trees on your site and a stable of observations, including each trees species and condition.

We can also make recommendations for works and measures in a priority scale, so that these recommendations can be budgeted for the costs spread out over the full term of the plan.


On-Site Consultancy 

During commercial construction works, it may be a condition of planning for you to have a qualified arborist on site, ensuring that recommendations in a BS 5837 Survey are being adhered to and the that the control measures are in place. At Montrose Trees , we can supply senior arborists, with reasonable notice, to assist with safeguarding Root Protection Areas (RPA's), making sure you avoid any unnecessary fines or legal difficulties with your project.

If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Essex and would like to find out more about our consultancy services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Montrose Trees.

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Woodland Creation and Re-Wilding

Rewilding Woodland Creation Trophic Cascade

This aspect of our work is the one that we are the most passionate about; each location iunique and there are always so many exciting facets to establishing a successful project.

Whether the key considerations are restoring ecosystems, improving biodiversity or increased carbon sequestration, the benefits of these projects are for all of us; for the here and now, and for our future. Bringing natural beauty back to our landscapes is reason enough alone for us to feel excitement in helping create these important projects, but as a vital part of the effort to combat climate change, it adds a genuine sense of pride to the sheer joy of being involved.

Public support for woodland creation, expansion and management, as well as re-wilding projects, is growing rapidly and, as more and more evidence mounts to prove the far-reaching benefits, especially given how a well designed and managed project can be remarkably cost-effective, the government and other private sources are making funding and grants accessible to even small-scale projects all across Britain.

If you are considering woodland creation/expansion or starting a re-wilding project, then we will be delighted to offer some advice and guidance, including our free, easy to follow information pack that's available via email on request






My husband passed Montrose Trees attending another job and asked if they would be kind enough to stop by and give us a quote to remove our fallen apple tree when they had finished. As promised they turned up, gave a very reasonable quote and offered to do the job there and then despite being after normal working hours. Within two hours there was not a clue that a thirty foot apple tree had once stood in our garden. They chipped the tree and cleared every single apple and leaf from our garden and the road. Professional, courteous and friendly - we cannot recommend highly enough.

Client in Essex








Hedges and Shrubs

We are able to trim, reduce in size or remove any type of hedge, whether broadleaved or coniferous. Some hedges, such as Beech or Yew, require more specialist work and at Montrose Trees, we have great experience with the techniques needed for these species.

It is important to remember that hedges are great nesting places for birds, and so you must be careful not to disturb actively nesting birds or you could be found at fault under the Countryside and Wildlife Act 1981.

If your hedge is more of a hedgerow then you must be aware of the The Hedgerow Regulations 1997. So if you have shrubs in your garden and feel they need shaping or trimming, let us handle the work for you with our tools and expertise.

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 Hedge maintenance with our Tree Surgeon in Essex



Organic recycling and mulch with our Tree Surgeon in Essex

Recycling and Woodchip 

Organic Recycling

At Montrose trees we strive to make our carbon footprint as small as possible and are proud to say we have been approved by the Low Carbon Business Network. We are licenced green waste carriers and all our green waste, wood chips and logs are taken to a licenced green waste facility, in Hockley, Essex, where it is processed and then stored for further use.


The "brushwood" (smaller branches) from your tree is put through an on site woodchipper and turned into small chunks of timber "woodchip". This woodchip is then transported back to the green waste facility for outdoor storage where it can rot down over a period of months to form mulch. The mulch is then either sold to a woodchip fired power station or is used as a soil improver. Well rotted mulch is great for your garden, improving drainage and gaseous exchange in clay soils and improving water retention and nitrogen content in sandy soils.

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Montrose Trees also caters for clearance work, digging up shrubs, clearing trees and stumps, undergrowth and bramble/bracken, nothing is beyond the remit of our skilled crews.

We can create a blank canvas for you to begin anew in your garden, if you want a path cut through over grown grounds or you need a building site cleared.

We offer a range of services all the way from preparatory surveys of soils and wildlife, to compliance paperwork and even on to practical clearance and green waste removal to a certified facility.

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Clearance with our Tree Surgeon in Essex



woodland management in Essex

Woodland Management

Each woodland, no matter its size, has its own biodiverse ecosystem; a delicate balance of vegetation and wildlife. Woodlands range from ancient native broadleaf with coppice, pollards and standards to coniferous plantations consisting mainly of introduced tree species planted for timber production. Woodlands can be managed to promote wildlife, commercial timber production, game, conservation and recreation, or any combination of these.

The emphasis in any individual wood will depend on the priorities of the current woodland owner or manager and any protection orders or protected wildlife. A woodland may experience many changes over its lifetime as a result of changing management and aims. Our woodland management is centred around the principles of sustainability and improving the productivity and ecological significance of the site.

We use a combination of modern and ancient techniques to sustainably increase the productive life span of woodlands and their habitats. We aim to conserve wildlife and increase bio-diversity by carefully planned woodland management procedures working with private woodland owners, local and district councils and wildlife and conservation groups.





In the enchanting realm of garden design, few elements possess the transformative magic of topiary. The joy of incorporating these meticulously crafted living sculptures into your garden, whether they be geometric wonders or whimsical creatures, is in evoking feelings of fascination and curiosity, or tranquility and order.

Topiary fosters a profound connection between the gardener and the garden; turning your outside space into a living canvas, equal parts art and nature. It sparks imagination and few things in horticulture are as satisfying as the journey of nurturing, guiding and watching as these living sculptures evolve, season after season, into a green spectacle. 

Trust our expert team to help fire your imagination and turn your garden into an unique story. We can create topiary from many species of plant or restore lapsed topiary. We can also provide treatment plans to preserve and improve the vigor of your plants to ensure your topiary is always looking at its very best. 






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