Discover our Nature Day events, connect with nature and calm your mind.

Relax and have fun with our wonderful team of skilled practitioners, and feel inspired

Available activities include:

  • Forest bathing
  • Woodland foraging
  • Bushcraft

  • Professional Storytelling
  • Calming animal encounters
  • Clean facilities and delicious refreshments included

lady in red outfit sitting on dead wood in forest



bare footed lady walking on forest floor

Forest Bathing

"Shinrin-Yoku"" or forest bathing is the practice of spending time in the forest for better health, happiness and a sense of calm. An official practice since the 1980's (although steeped in ancient practices and approaches), when the Japanese Forest Agency suggested the practice as a way to reconnect with nature and calm stressed out city dwellers. It's a slow sensory walk through the forest using mindfulness, meditation, breathing and walking exercises.

Your guide will invite you to participate in various activities and exercises all designed to awaken your natural senses and slow down your mind, to bring your awareness to the here and now deep within nature.

The benefits of forest bathing extend to both physical and emotional health. It has been demonstrated to minimise stress hormone production, enhance happiness and foster creativity, as well as lower heart rate and blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and hasten the healing process after illness.



 Woodland Foraging

Join our expert practitioners as they explore the edible, poisonous and medicinal plants of Hadleigh Country Park. Learn how to forage safely and sustainably, and discover the delicious, forgotten foods of our ancestors.

Foraging is a fantastic way to encourage a closer connection to the wild spaces we encounter on a daily basis. Reconnecting to nature in this way can help to motivate us to live life more sustainably, as well as having positive effects on our mental health and wellbeing. Foraging is a mindful act, it invites us to slow down, to escape the pressures of modern life and focus our attention to the present moment

 mushroom in forest with a forager searching in the background


These events are tailored to each booking


They are an ideal (and fun) way for school children or scout groups to explore the natural world

Our events are also a perfect corporate away day for companies to show their commitment to their employees mental wellbeing.

Sponsoring an event for a local group is also a wonderful way for responsible, forward-thinking organisations to demonstrate how much they care for the communities in which they work



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