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Firewood Logs

Heating your home with fire logs offers several advantages. They provide a natural and cosy ambiance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Fire logs are also a sustainable and renewable energy, which is locally sourced when bought from Montrose Trees.

They are cost-effective and can reduce energy bills, and the heat they produce is often long-lasting. Additionally, using fire logs can be more environmentally friendly compared to some other heating methods, as they produce lower emissions when burned efficiently



Organic Woodchip Mulch

Woodchip mulch is a garden's best friend, offering a plethora of benefits. It retains soil moisture, reduces weed growth, regulates soil temperature, and enhances soil health by decomposing over time. This natural, sustainable choice not only beautifies gardens but also promotes healthier, more vibrant plant growth and helps support bio-diversity, making it an essential tool for any gardener


 Tree Surgeon in Essex




Firewood Logs and Organic Woodchip Mulch For Sale

Let us know if your are interested in purchasing firewood logs or organic woodchip mulch through us directly.

You can fill out the form opposite or call us directly on 01702 343386 to make purchasing enquiries.

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