Tree Planting

At Montrose, we really enjoy working on planting schemes and projects with our clients; we are glad to offer free advice on soil type and which species would have the greatest chances of establishing themselves in any particular location. Whether the scheme is for trees or hedging, we have the experience to advise and perform all forms of planting. We can include the installation of stakes and ties, watering tubes, irrigation systems and mulching to provide vital nutrients following planting; wind breaks and tree guards can also be installed to provide maximum protection. There are a huge variety of trees available and we are happy to supply them, but there are a number of factors to consider in designed any scheme:

Whether to plant bare-root, root-balled or containerised trees; the aesthetic aims, especially seasonal considerations; practicality (check for underground services, such as drains and cable lines); the ultimate height and spread of the tree in its maturity; after care, realistically, how much maintenance will you have time for. All these factors are key in planning any planting scheme, and at Montrose, our experts help our clients to build towards the most rewarding results.

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