Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas

Is your tree protected? or do you live in a conservation area? if so you'll need to apply to your local council to have any work done to your trees and possibly smaller vegetaion too.There are stiff penalties for failing to inform the correct authorites and gaining legal consent in advance.  We are here to help and will complete all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf, making sure you don't fall foul of any legislation relating to your trees, including:

·        Highways act 1980

·        Countryside and wildlife Act 1980

·       Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003

·        Hedgerow Regulations Act 1995

·        Enviromental Protection Act 1990

·        Countryside and Rights of way Act 2000

·        Control of pesticides Act 1986

·        Conservation of Habitats and Species Act 2010

·        Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1976 


Using Montrose means you can be confident that your work is being performed correctly, with no risk of legal difficulties and without the stress of dealing with the planning paperwork yourself.


Arboricultural Reports and Surveys



There are various forms of reports and surveys and before selecting which you require, it is worth considering the following:


Why do I need a survey or report?


Who is asking for it?


How detailed does it need to be?


How many trees/how large is my site?


Depending on the answers to these questions, we can advise on precisely which level of report is most suited to your requirements, saving you expense by not recommending services and surveys you don't need.

VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) - This is the most common form of report, usually requested by insurance companies or in disputes between neighbours. This type of assessment involves one of our senior arborists visiting the site, inspecting the tree and immediately surrounding environmental factors. The inspection is performed from ground level and a written report, detailing general observations and recommendations will be provided in PDF format.


Climbed Aerial Inspections (CAI's) - These are very similar in nature to the VTA described above; the difference of course being that our senior arborist will access the crown of the tree in order to undertake a more thorough inspection. A report, including photographs for references, along with general observations and recommendations is provided in PDF format.


BS: 5837 Surveys - These are far more in depth surveys, most commonly required for construction purposes; they are often a condition of planning when building works are proposed near trees which are protected or belong to a third party. These surveys include a much greater depth of information, measurements, site maps and plans and more stringent recommendations and advice on control measures that should be implemented in the construction process.


Management Plans - As the legality of tree risk management gradually becomes tighter, more and more organisations and insitutions are becoming acutely aware of their responsibilities to their staff and the general public in terms of planning against the hazards naturally posed by trees. Many insurance companies now advise such organisations to have 5 year tree management plans in place. At Montrose, we are ideally qualified to provide these plans, which include; a full inventory and plan of the trees on your site, a table of observations, including each trees species and condition, recommendations for works and measures in a priority scale, so that these recommendations can be budgeted for the costs spread out over the full term of the plan.


On-Site Consultancy - During commercial construction works, it may be a condition of planning for you to have a qualified arborist on site, ensuring the recommendations in a BS 5837 Survey are being adhered to and the that the control measures are in place. At Montrose, we can supply senior arborists, with reasonable notice, to assist with safeguarding Root Protection Areas (RPA's), making sure you avoid any uneccessary fines or legal difficulties with your project.

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