Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a quote or advice cost?


Our quotations are always free of charge and valid for a full three months. You are under no obligation to accept or even inform us if you accept a quotation from another contractor. We won't pester you once we have provided you with a quotation either. Our senior arborists are always glad to offer free advice to all of our clients.


Will you get rid of the waste?


We will remove all of the green waste which arises from the works we perform, unless asked otherwise. The cost for removing this waste is included in every quotation we provide. However, many of our clients prefer to keep the log wood for use as fuel in their homes, or the woodchippings for use as mulch in their gardens. Please feel free to discuss these options with the senior arborist providing your quotation, as it could potentially help reduce costs.


Are you insured and qualified?


Yes, we have several million pounds worth of insurance. We will gladly supply proof via email to any client who accepts a quotation from us. Our arborists are highly qualified and experienced operatives, with many certificates and years of working within the industry. We will gladly make copies of qualifications available to any client accepting a quotation from us. Please note: Some younger, trainee staff may only have a small number of qualifcations, but they are working under the direct supervision of appropriately qualified and experienced instructors, gaining the necessary skills for achieve higher levels of certification. All of our team are encouraged to pursue further proffesional development throughout their careers.


What can I do about my neighbour's tree? 


The law states you have a certain degree of entitlement to remove any parts of your neighbour's tree which encroach on to your boundary. However, the law also states that you must act in a neighbourly fashion and offer to return the removed branches to them. At Montrose, our advice is always to speak with your neighbour in advance, if you can, just to help to try and avoid the potential for any issues.


When is the best time to prune my tree?


The answer to this depends on the tree in questions species. For example, 'Prunus' species, such as Cherry or Plum, should be reduced in April to June, to avoid a disease known as 'Silver Leaf, which they are prone to. Magnolia or Walnut trees are most suited to being reduced in late summer, as they are quicker to heal at that time of year. Our arborists will gladly discuss which time of year is best, should season be a factor, during their site visit


Is the herbicide you use dangerous?


The simple and reassuring answer is no. We would never leave an even remotely dangerous substance in your garden. If we are felling trees that are likely to re-grow saplings or suckers in future, then we do recommend applying herbicide to the tree's stump (this can be done in the form an 'eco-plug', if the client prefers) to inhibit any possible re-growth. However, the herbicide is not dangerous to people, pets or wildlife.

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